Every Good Princess Marries A Prince

Three princesses want to marry a prince. After hearing about the frog prince, the oldest gets an idea. She will marry the first frog that hops her way, but will he turn out to be a prince? The second princess has a better idea. She will kiss every frog she sees. Will she find her prince that way? Will the third princess be as silly as her sisters? How will she find her prince? Read the book to find out!

   Danna J. Walters, Author

Danna lives in Texas with her very own prince. They have raised one lovely daughter & two handsome sons. Danna taught & directed preschool for over 15 years, where she developed a love for telling stories. She would love to share her stories with you!

Danna is available for author visits, character visits & speaking engagements for women & preteens/teens. For more info contact Danna  using the contact form on this site.

A few words about Danna

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